The 2020 RSPW Awards – RESULTS

Welcome to the results of the 2020 Theszies / Awards –

HOLD UP HOLD UP. It’s been like three months since the voting deadline! Where the hell have you been?


About a week and half after voting closed, my wife got Covid-19. She was sick into mid-March and had to stay in hospital for a while. She’s since made a full recovery (thank god), but between caregiving and sheer worry I didn’t have time to do anything else for all that time, and once she was better I had to spend the next six weeks catching up on work. Hence the massive delay. Covid-19: it hasn’t just fucked with wrestling, but also wrestling fans. Wear your damn masks and get your damn shots, everybody.

…okay, we retract the question. Please continue.

No worries.

This year we had 212 voters participating. As always, for next year we encourage all of you wrestling media people to nominate yourselves and your favorites, and try to get your fans out to vote for you. Fair is fair!

As always, thank yous to Justin Henry, Christopher Robin Zimmerman, Herb Kunze and all those who have previously run the Awards and contributed to their legacy; everybody who chipped in to promote the awards; all of you voters, of course; and finally and most importantly an extra-double-sized thanks to mgkdotcom’s Tech Guy, James Young, without whose invaluable assistance these Awards would almost certainly have failed to be anywhere near as successful and user-friendly as they in fact were.

The “Best” Award results can be found here.

The “Worst” Award results can be found here.

Finally, full ballot results for all Awards can be found here.

Thanks for voting, and we’ll see you next year!